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The passenger catamaran project 23290 came for tests


The hull is made of composite materials with use of domestic carbon fabrics of the Prepreg-SKM company. Use of composite materials in this project allowed to improve its shock durability for 20-30%, fatigue durability Ц for 50-200%. Besides, composite hulls are much lighter than metal and arenТt subject to corrosion. Thanks to composite material weight reducted for 10-30%.

The catamaran constructed at Sredne-Nevsky shipyard is intended for transportation of 150 passengers on distance up to 1000 km not only on the rivers, but also in a coastal sea zone (the vessel can be operated at heaving of sea up to 4 points without decrease in high-speed characteristics).

Earlier, on September 20 this year, at the St. Petersburg innovative forum, the passenger ship has been presented to the public. On the presentation of the passenger ship the CEO of SNSZ Vladimir Seredokho noted that from next year the plant is ready to start mass production of such vessels.

It should be noted that the vessel can be used also for delivery of cargo or personnel to objects, and at additional equipment Ч can work with searchlights and the system of night vision at any time.

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