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SNSZ started to create unmanned catamarans


Mid-Nevsky Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) began to work on the production of elements of the case legkosbornyh multipurpose unmanned radio-controlled boats. Their creation is deployed based on the pilot production plant.

Draft cipher designated "Catamaran-KK" and is a small craft with two catamaran keels-floats connected by a bridge part of truss-type. Mid-Nevsky Shipyard is working on the creation of composite hulls of ships of the future, made of polymer composite materials based on carbon fiber. Their formation is carried out in the matrix by vacuum infusion. Total SNSZ must create buildings kits for 4 vessels, the transfer of which to the customer is scheduled for May 2020.

Final assembly of catamarans will take place on the basis of SPbPU. Each vessel will be equipped with solar panels to power the electric motors, as well as stand-alone control system, allowing it to carry out unmanned operation. The project concept involves the ability to install on the catamarans of various equipment for analysis of water samples, air and radiation level measurements and other types of environmental monitoring. The design of the ship is a fast-compact and light, its assembly and disassembly does not require the use of special equipment and technology.

It is expected that after completion of the assembly and testing of a series of multi-function unmanned catamarans will be transferred to the Kronstadt Naval Cadet military corps, where his students can conduct research of waters of Gulf of Finland, met with the theoretical and practical basics of ship management, and learn robotics.

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