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SNSZ manufactured components for wind power plants WPP Kochubeevskoe


Mid-Nevsky Shipyard (enter the United Shipbuilding Corporation) has completed the production of a series of composite products kits for wind power park Kochubeevskoe wind power plant (WPP) in the Stavropol region.

The contract for the supply of products to a subsidiary of the State Corporation Rosatom JSC "SPC" Khimpromengineering "was signed in April 2018. As part of his SNSZ performs works on manufacturing composite nacelle housings, covers and fairings hubs of wind turbines for five wind farms in Adygea, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territory.

Kochubeevskoe WPP became the second object for which SNSZ manufactures wind turbine components. Previously, the company has completed the work to ensure the component parts of a similar wind farm in the Republic of Adygea. This year, the plant will begin to work on the production of components for the third fleet of wind turbines. Completion of works is scheduled for October 2022. In total for this period of the Mid-Nevsky Shipyard will have to produce 388 sets of products.

Participation Mid-Nevsky Shipyard in creation of components for industries such as wind power - is another step towards the development of new areas of work and expand the range of application of composite building competencies in the civil sector of the economy.

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