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Russian Father Frost gets military exoskeleton to make his gift-bringing job easier


Russias Rostec Corporation has made a military exoskeleton for the all-Russia Father Frost, the Russian Santa Claus, to make the task of bringing gifts to the children easier for him, the press service of the corporation said on Monday.

It said Father Frost from Veliky Ustyug, his homeland, had demonstrated the gift in Ostankino TV Tower. "Father Frost tested the exoskeleton by lifting heavy loads, and independently got to the viewing platform of the TV Tower at an altitude of 337 meters wearing the exoskeleton," Rostec said.

It quoted Father Frost as hailing the gift as essential for his job, in which he has to "carry dozens of tons of gifts for the children" ahead of the New Year. Father Frost also said the exoskeleton is very comfortable, it is easy to get used to the exoskeleton forgetting about it at all in half-an-hour. "He said it was designed to fit tight but without hindering movements, and even running in it was possible. He advised his fellow Fathers Frost to get exoskeletons for their job.

The State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product Rostec said exoskeletons make it possible to carry cargoes up to 70 kilograms without feeling it and for quite a long time. The exoskeleton is made of durable and light carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and is passive, having no power supply units.

The exoskeleton was first presented in August within the framework of the Army-2018 Forum in Russia. The exoskeleton takes over the weight of the load and the soldier does not actually feel it.

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