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On SNSZ launched the ship mine defense James Balian


January 29, 2020 on the Mid-Nevsky Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) hosted a ceremony launching a ship mine defense (CSI) "James Balian" Project 12700 "Alexander".

The festive event was attended by workers and veterans of "SNSZ", representatives of the Navy, the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" and the St. Petersburg Administration. The right to break a bottle of champagne on board the trawler provided Pauline Balyaevoy - grandniece of the Hero of the Soviet Union Yakov Illarionovich Balyaeva, whose name is the newest ship mine defense. Bookmark the ship took place in December 2017. Work on the formation of the composite hull and superstructure, saturation of their different systems and mechanisms be completed by December 2019. The ship was launched from the slipway for outfitting works in which was carried out the installation of tower-mast unit, antenna equipment and ships systems.

After the launching of the ship was moored at the quay of the enterprise. During the period internavigational shipbuilders SNSZ complete outfitting works, to be followed by a series of mooring order tests. Spring will take the first exit onto a large order for the passage of water factory sea trials program. To transfer the ship to the customer JSC "SNSZ" plans in the summer 2020.

"Jacob Bala" was the fourth ship mine defense line of the project 12700 "Alexandra", built Mid-Nevsky Shipyard. The lead ship of the series "Alexander Obukhov" was handed over to the Russian Navy in 2016. At the end of 2018, the company has transferred to the customer of the second (first series) ship of the project 12700 - trawler "Ivan Antonov". In December 2019 the Navy of the Russian Federation has entered the third ship of the series "Vladimir Yemelyanov." The slipways Mid-Nevsky Shipyard in various stages of readiness there are still three housing project of 12,700 - the ships George Kurbatov, "" Peter Ilicheva "and" Anatoly helmets. " During the construction of these ships in the Mid-Nevsky Shipyard uses the latest Russian technologies that have no analogues in the world shipbuilding. Ships of the project have a unique, the worlds largest body of reinforced fiberglass formed by vacuum infusion. The weight of such a casing is 2.5 times less than the same body of traditional materials, and strength above 1.5. Housing is not prone to corrosion. Its service life is practically unlimited.

Project 12700 "Alexander" was developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" for the Russian Navy. These ships are the next generation of mine-sweeping forces and intended to fight against modern sea mines, which detect new ships MIPs are in the water the marine environment and in the soil. At the same time, the ship can not enter the danger zone - search, identification and destruction of dangerous objects is carried out remotely using the latest high-performance sonar, placed both on the ship and on remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles. However, the ship is able to use the traditional sweeping arms.

According to plans of the High Command of the Russian Navy, the ships of the new generation of MIP in the short term will be the basis of mine-sweeping forces of the fleets of the Russian Navy, greatly increasing the efficiency of tasks.

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