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High-tech polymer for space, aviation and navy created in Russia


Specialists of RT-Chemcomposite holding created an innovative polymer, which will soon replace foreign-made materials in space, shipbuilding and other industries. The test program for this foam has been successfully completed.

About this agency RIA News the press service of the Rostec state corporation, whose structure includes RT-Chemcomposite, said.

The main advantages of high-tech sheet structural foam, which will go into production under the brand name "Akrimid", is excellent heat resistance and immunity to various chemicals.

Basically, the material will find application in radio electronics, shipbuilding, astronautics, aircraft manufacturing and many other industries.

The developers recommend using it as a light filler in the production of multilayer fiberglass and carbon fiber elements, as well as for the manufacture of internal lining of ships, boats, spacecraft, and hulls of electronic equipment. In addition, it will be used to create fairings for engines, aircraft hulls and UAVs.

Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec State Corporation, said that many Russian manufacturers have successfully completed verification tests of the new structural material.

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