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The Russian market holds a huge potential for composite industry. Many companies are involved to it today in a large range of applications. Small private companies and big plants in all parts of ex USSR countries work in the field of composite industry. They need quality materials and equipment for their production. They need information about materials and technologies produced and used all over the world.

In February 2005 we started a new project Composite World, the magazine about composite materials and technologies. It has several purposes.

The first one is to inform producers about high quality materials for composite industry. The world famous material producers tell about the right choice for the exact application. Experts with great experience of composite parts production share their secrets of manufacturing process, features of different technologies with the readers.

The second purpose of Composite World is to expand the composite industry in Russia, to show all the advantages of using composites in all kinds of applications. Everybody who has some interesting application or technology can tell about it in our magazine.

In 2020 year:

Distribution zone: all ex USSR countries. Printed in 3000 copies 6 times per year!

- The newest technologies for composite parts fabrication

- The biggest world suppliers of raw materials and equipment

- Composite performance capabilities compare with traditional materials (metal, wood)

- New applications, experience of using all over the word

- Events, exhibitions, news

- Useful supplemental information

Its high time to make your company well-known in Russia!



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