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Key to Russian composite industry

The first Russian language magazine "Composite World" is:
- a stable developing trade magazine for composite market of Russia and other Russian speaking countries;
- a magazine with constantly increasing reading audience;
- a magazine with target postal delivery to composite companies;
- an informational sponsor and a participant of industrial exhibitions and conferences.

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Composite World magazine # 81 (6, 2018)

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  • Post-event press release
  • The new BUFA®-Conductive-Tooling-System
  • Classification of the release agents

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Media-kit 2019


28 | 01 | 2019 U.S. Sanctions Force MC-21 Course Correction
Tightening U.S. sanctions on Russia have interrupted the supply of foreign raw materials supply to United Aircraft Corp. (UAC), forcing the airframer to introduce yet another series of changes to the MC-21 program. Yet the company maintains that the next-generation narrowbodys wing box and consoles will still consist of polymeric composites, even though that would require replacement of imported binding thread and resin by Russian substitutes.
28 | 12 | 2018 Happy New Year 2019!
We wish you a Happy New Year! In coming year 2019 Composite World team wishes you good luck, prosperity and health.
24 | 12 | 2018 Russian Father Frost gets military exoskeleton to make his gift-bringing job easier
Father Frost, the Russian Santa Claus, hailed the gift and said the exoskeleton is very comfortable.
23 | 11 | 2018 "Composite World" magazine - Media-kit 2019
Your advertising in "Composite World" is the guarantee of your success on the Russian composite market. Do not miss your chance!
22 | 11 | 2018 Russian hi-tech firm creates unique lightweight space solar panel
The Obninsk-based Technologiya Research and Production Enterprise of RT Chemcomposite Group (part of the state hi-tech corporation Rostec) has developed a carbon fiber load-carrying panel for the newest solar module of a promising spacecraft, Rostec said on Thursday.
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