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Key to Russian composite industry

The first Russian language magazine "Composite World" is:
- a stable developing trade magazine for composite market of Russia and other Russian speaking countries;
- a magazine with constantly increasing reading audience;
- a magazine with target postal delivery to composite companies;
- an informational sponsor and a participant of industrial exhibitions and conferences.

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Composite World magazine # 86 (5, 2019)

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  • Carbon Fiber Recycling
  • St. Petersburg International Scientific and Industrial Composite Forum
  • Largest fully-automated production line for CHG/CNG tanks

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Media-kit 2019


16 | 10 | 2019 ORPE Technologiya brought scientists and experts in the field of non-metallic materials from 65 cities of the world together in Obninsk
XXII International Science and Technology Conference on Structures and Technologies for Manufacturing Articles from Non-metallic Materials opened in Obninsk on 15 October 2019. The event which is significant for the international scientific community is held by ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (a member of the Rostec State Corporation).
30 | 08 | 2019 Roomy Passenger Aircraft Developed by Russian Engineers
The new MS-21 passenger airliner was demonstrated at the MAKS-2019. The aircraft boasts its large and roomy cabin.
15 | 08 | 2019 The New Russian Spacesuit Can be Used for Landing on Moon
The next generation of Russian spacesuits which are being developed for outer space can be used on Moon. Its body is proposed for the first time to be made of composite materials.
26 | 07 | 2019 Scientists are Researching the Properties of Composites in Order to Construct Reliable Trains
Nowadays, composite materials are becoming more and more popular. One of the primary composite materials for modern structures is glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), which is commonly used in aviation, modern transport, wind power plants, etc. Scientists of South Ural State University carried out extensive studies in order to research ballistic properties of this composite material, which is to allow improving the efficiency of its use in the future.
06 | 06 | 2019 RUSNANO and Vestas sign MoU and continue to strengthen partnership
RUSNANO and Vestas Wind System A/S have today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in order to further explore the Russian supply chain and localisation opportunities of wind turbine components manufacturing in Russia.
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